Project Description


The production “Waiting-Dreaming” by the artist Cristina Cocco was born from the observation of two species of water lilies: Victoria cruziana and Euryale ferox, inserted in the Botanical Garden of Padua.



I have devoted many years of research to observing the life cycle of water lilies, the so-called Victoria cruziana and Euryale ferox, present in the Botanical Garden of Padua, the oldest university botanical garden in the world. Witnessing their metamorphosis, from birth to decay, I contemplated the wonder of nature becoming plastic and then spoiling. Here I have fixed my poetic home (and also physical, thanks to a bench), in this threshold between decay and origin. Active spectator of this evolution, in which there was neither beginning nor end, I perceived the vibrations that animated the liquid film of the pond and this brought me back to the origin of the universe, to something that resembled the primordial broth. In the rotting mud that floated in the water of the water lily pond, my obsessive gaze tried to understand what the shapeless was.

First serie

Second Serie

Third Serie

Fourth Serie